FAQ - How to sell art on Tetlers.com?
+ What is Tetlers.com?

Tetler's is the leading contemporary art marketplace with comprehensive information on artists and events worldwide. Tetler's also provides tools for professional artists to sell artwork online. With elements of art auction, it provides a powerful and innovative trading platform for collectors specializing in contemporary art.

+ What makes Tetler's unique?

With a focus on quality and a carefully curated selection of unique work by both established and emerging talents, Tetler's makes buying and selling art a full-service experience, with total transparency and simple as a single click.

+ I made a sale. When will I be paid?

Tetler's has a 7-day return policy. That means that buyers can return their orders to sellers for a full refund anytime within 7 days after the date of delivery. As a result, we can't pay our members for their sales until that 7 day period expires and we're certain that the orders won't be returned.
For the sale of an original artwork, after seven (7) days from the date of delivery and the collector is satisfied with the artwork, your payment will be available.
We'll send you an email notification to let you know that your funds are ready for payout.
From your Account Dashboard page, check your Reservation & Escrow history list to see whether your recent sale is listed as "Escrow Released". It means that sale is complete, your funds will be available for payout. Again, please note that your funds will become available in your Sales Dashboard seven (7) days after the artwork has been delivered to the collector and Escrow Release. To request payout, please log into your Tetler's account and go to your Account Dashboard. From the Request Payout page order Withdraw Funds.

+ What is Escrow and Escrow Release?

Escrow is the state of being kept in custody or trust until a specified condition has been fulfilled.
Such a condition in Tetler's is a customer satisfaction. Payments will be available for Payout after seven (7) days from the date of delivery, when Buyer issues trusted funds - Escrow Release.

+ How do I get my image featured on the homepage?

By submitting your work of art for the first time, you can select the "Featured" option. In this case, your image will be displayed on the main page. You can use this option at any time by managing the Auction.

+ What file format should I use when uploading images?

Your images need to be saved as JPEG files using the sRGB or Adobe RGB color space.
We do not support TIF files or GIF files.
We do not support the CMYK or ProPhoto color spaces.
Also - your files must be 1 MB or smaller in size.

+ If I sell through Tetler's, do I have to be exclusive here?

No. You do NOT have to be exclusive here.
You can sell through any other website that you want to, including Tetler's competitors. However, when you accept the offer, you must make sure that your work is available for sending.

+ How much does it cost me to sell at Tetler's?

No Listing Fee.
We welcome dealers, galleries, and private collectors to register securely and list with us. The artwork has to be authentic and original. Sellers are forbidden from listing anything that is counterfeit or inauthentic on the site.
After registered Login to your account and navigate to the Post Artwork Page. Follow the directions and provide all of the information and photos requested.
The sale of your artwork depends on the accuracy and quality of your photos and description. Complete accurate listings with multiple photos (we offer 3 Photos) will sell more quickly. Be realistic in your pricing.
We'll approve your listing if you have provided all the information and photos to our satisfaction the auction will be activated.

+ What countries does Tetler's ship to?

For original sales, the buyer and artist will work out shipping arrangements for each sale. Shipments within the US are handled by UPS, Fed Ex or other selected domestic shipper. In case of loss or in transit damage, full refunds apply only if art has been insured and tracked.
The seller is required to set the shipping cost from the user account that applies to all published works.
The seller is obliged to set the tracking number, as well as for each piece separately.

+ How do I maximize my visibility in the SalesRoom?

Here are some tips and suggestions for maximizing your exposure in the Tetler's SalesRoom.
Be active in the Tetler's network. Use our emailer campaign features to invite your friends, customers and prospective customers to view your work for sale on Tetler's.
You can invite your friends to participate in the project by sending an invitation.
Make sure your works are represented with the best images, accurate captions and not over-priced.
Genre categories for it, this increases your visibility in our buyer searches. Keep your inventory active and do not leave works for sale that have been sold.
Move to Top your work at least 4 times per month.

+ How do I get in touch with the support team at Tetler's?

If there is no answer on our FAQ page, please contact us with questions, ideas or problems.
The Tetler's Customer Support and Tech Support teams would love to hear from you.
Please send us as much detail as possible for technical problems, including your country, your browser type (Safari, Google Chome, Firefox, etc.), your Operating System, and information on your computer.
Screen shots and links are always helpful for troubleshooting. Please include your user ID when requesting help.

+ What if the artwork doesn't sell?

You can easily renew the status to publish your artwork again for a limited time interval.

+ How much does it cost me to sell at Tetler's?

If you sell an original work, Tetler's will receive a 15% commission on the final sale price.

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