Auction of contemporary art

Why Tetler's?

Benefits for the Consignor

Competitive rates

The seller's commission rates are all-inclusive competitive consignment fees that are contingent upon the final price achieved at auction for the artwork.

Independent company

We're a truly independent company supporting hundreds of thousands of independent artists and photographers from all over the world.

Fair, Transparent, and Easy

Free to create an account, No fees, Receive 85% on every artwork sold, Secure online payments, Get Featured by Tetler's

Expand awareness

Create your online profile in minutes, Upload your artworks, complete your profile, and start sharing your portfolio.

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Step 1

Create Your Free Account

From the main menu at the top right of the page. Please select Sign Up

Step 2

Complete Your Profile

Submit an informative bio, detailed artwork descriptions, and an up-to-date portfolio.

Step 3

Photograph Your Artwork

Take high quality photographs that accurately represent the appearance of your artwork.

Step 4

Upload Your Artwork

We invite you to post and sell as many of your artworks as you'd like! There is no limit.

How it works

You can sell artworks through the Tetler's in two ways:

Fixed Price

When you publish the Artwork at the Fixed price without taking part in any bidding for the lot.

Timed Auction

When you publish the Artwork at the auction price, and the buyer can place a bet higher or lower for the lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the winner of the auction?
You (the artist, consignor) can appoint a winner at any time during the validity period of the auction. When you decide that the buyer's offer meets your needs, you can stop the auction by selecting the best offer.
What is One Click Sale?
One Click Sale is a feature that allows buyers to purchase certain artwork on the Site immediately without an auction.
What does "Make an Offer" mean to Sellers?
The action "Make an offer" allows interested buyers to offer a price for a particular artwork. The buyer can place bets higher or lower for the batch. You can accept or simply reject any proposal made at your artwork during the auction period.
What does it cost me to sell an Artwork?
Sellers do not pay any money for selling on Tetler's. Tetler's will take a 15% commission on the final sale price.

For more information, get started with these FAQ:

Consignor FAQ   |   How to Sell