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Kiev - Ukraine

Alexander Dubrovsky (born in 1949) is a Ukrainian painter. Was born in Orynen Khmelnitsky region. He studied at the studio of fine arts in Enakievo (1956-1965). He graduated from the Kharkov State Art School (1969, teacher KA Tanpeter). Participated in numerous personal and collective exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad (since 1972): exhibitions of contemporary Soviet art (Tokyo, Kyushu, Japan, 1973 - 1975), an exhibition of artists of the St. Petersburg School of Painting (ARCOLE Gallery, Paris, France, 1992), National Museum of Russian Art (Kiev, 2009), international exhibitions of contemporary art (Algeria 1985-1993, Kiev, Ukraine 2009, Berlin, Germany, St. Petersburg, Russia, Manisa Turkey 2011), Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (2011), numerous exhibitions of open-air painting (Ukraine, 2007-2018). Working at an academic base in Sednev, he gained experience from the outstanding artists of K. Lomykin, F. Zakharov, N. Glushchenko, V. Shatalin, T. Yablonskaya. 1976-1985 creative trips to the construction sites of the Far East, the Druzhba gas pipeline, to metallurgical plants. Painting of this period was presented at the prestigious art exhibitions of the Soviet Union. 1985-1993 creative work in Algeria. Member of NSU (1987). 1995-2004 designed mosaic panels, the Cathedral of Saint Mina, Alexandria, Egypt. 2003-2005 performed mosaic paintings in St. George's Cathedral of the Vydubitsky Monastery. Kiev, Ukraine. Works are stored in Gorlovsky, Trostyanetsky art museums, priva

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