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Ali Shokri was born in Tabriz,1982 . is a consummate artist with a camera. These landscapes seem almost too perfect to exist and yet they do. Whilst creating precise images with intense detail, Ali has captured the 'phenomenal' : mists, haze, light, calmness, glare....In short, an overwhelming sense of atmosphere. Almost painting-like in their beautiful compositions and movement, these vistas invite many hours of meditative relaxation. Ali's scenery seems almost otherworldly and this is an artist equally at home with rich warm colouration or stark monochromatic snowscenes. To me, each tree, like a human-being, has a tale to tell. When a tree dies, a whole story is interrupted, a destiny is altered for the worse. I feel as if the trees, bundled at the back of trucks, are cursing us with their broken hands, wounded faces, and severed roots. Perhaps this is how we are led towards damnation, little by little stripped of our humanity, when man’s “abounding foliage moistened with the dew” is reduced to ash and smoke. • Shokri started photography professionally since 2004 • So Far he has 6 solo and numbers of group exhibitions nationally and internationally ( Iran, Turkey, Slovenia, France , Italy, Canada, Monaco, Usa, Azerbaijan...)

About me
• Introducing the Guardian magazine as the beautiful nature of Iran in 2016
• ted speaker, He was ted speaker in 2010 in Baku Azerbaijan  ( As an elite Azeri language photographer ) 
• Print my photos in Iran & International Magazine ... ( American photo, Digital camera world....)
• His photos of Iranian nature were published in the Cat Support Organization in which he researched for the Iranian cheetah in Zurich, Switzerland
• Appreciation certificate from national and international competitions
• Teaching photography in East Azerbaijan ( Tabriz) TV 2013
• More than 16 years of being active member of photography art community 
• Landscape photography judge for Number of times
• Having done workshops in landscape photography field 
• In 2017, I published a book called "The Passion of the Trees", a collection of treesproduced, by the endeavor of 15 years of photography of trees, published by the English publisher.
• Selling his book online in major online site ( Amazon, EBay , waterstone,..)
• Unveiling of the Book of Tree Troubles in Tehran by the Mayor of Tehran at Rasaneh Cultural Center 2017
• Documentary filming of him and the( The Passion of Trees ) on Channel Four, Iran
• Critical Review of the Photo Collection of Trees (The Passion OF Trees ) by Iranian and International Professors, Researchers, Poets, and Photographers
• Participated in the auction of the Museum of the Louvre in 2018
• Attending the 2019 Monaco Yat Show Group Art Exhibition (by Artifact Gallery New York)
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