FAQ - How to buy art on Tetlers.com?
+ What is Tetlers.com?

Tetler's is the leading contemporary art marketplace with comprehensive information on artists and events worldwide. Tetler's also provides tools for professional artists to sell artwork online. With elements of art auction, it provides a powerful and innovative trading platform for collectors specializing in contemporary art.

+ What makes Tetler's special?

We make buying and selling art a full-service experience, with total transparency and simple as a single click.
We offer you a selection of special services to assure you a fully personalized and professional collecting experience.
Tetler's provides unparalleled easy-to-use online Auction environment both for buyer and seller.
Whether you are looking for an original painting or a high quality art print, Tetler's has over original paintings for sale from emerging artists around the world.
Buy original art worry free with our 7 day money back guarantee.

+ How do I create a personal account?

At the top right of our any page, hit the button "Sing Up" and begin creating your new personal profile.
After submitting your Email address, You will receive a verification email with further instructions. Check your spam or junk folder if you did not receive this Email.
Both Artists and Buyers have one type of account where they can sell and buy works of art.

+ How can I change my personal data, such as address, password, etc.?

On the right sidebar you will find the "User Profile", under which You control all your settings and personal data.

+ What is "Bid Now"?

The "Bid Now" option allows interested buyers to make an offer on a specific artwork.
Once you're logged in, simply click the "Bid Now" button next to the artwork, type in the amount in the USD you are willing to pay and click "Make a Bid".
Remember, to "Make a Bid" is a binding action of purchase. If the offer is accepted, you will receive an invoice shortly after.
Your bid may be higher or lower than the basic price, but not lower then resereved price.

+ Can I make a second bet or change my current bid?

You can only make one bet, but you can change it as many times as you like.

+ Can I offer a price lower than the base?

Yes. During the auction, you can bid higher or lower for the lot, and if the consignor chooses you as the winner, you will become the buyer of the lot.

+ If I offer a high enough bet, can I win the lot right away?

You can become a winner if you specify a bid above the others and above the basic price by the amount that the seller sets.

+ Does the submission of an offer mean that a work of art is reserved for me?

No. While your offer is not accepted, other buyers can get an art work at any time.

+ When will the work be reserved for me?

Until your offer is accepted by the seller and he does not pay the security deposit. Then you must confirm your bid and immediately pay in full for the goods, confirming the bid. So make sure you have enough money to pay your bids.

+ What are your commission rates?

Like other auction houses, Tetler's charges a fee, but only from the seller. You, as a buyer, pay as much as you bet, at no additional cost.

+ Can I withdraw my bid?

You can withdraw your bid at any time during the entire purchase process until you click "Confirm bid".
In the case of a fully confirmed bet, you must pay the purchase in full.
Confirming an order and accepting our Terms and Conditions is obligatory upon purchase.

+ How can I contact an artist to discuss purchase details?

Buyer and Seller are prohibited from publishing their contact details in publicly accessible places on the Tetler's website (names or descriptions of works of art, participants' ratings, personal pages, portfolios, business cards, etc.).
If the Seller decides that the Buyer is the right person to purchase the work of art, he designates him as the winner.
If the Buyer accepts the Seller's offer: the system sends them contact information by email.

Any questions?

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