How to consign art work for Sale
Tetler's follows a responsible and transparent process in evaluating your works of art. Taking into account the value of your works of art and understanding your needs, we can provide you with recommendations, recommending the best way to sell your works of art, through an auction, fix price selling, or a possible private sale.

Browse our catalog of artists.

Please check out our artists catalog, which contains detailed information about the works of art that have been offered at past auctions. However, please note that this list does not constitute an exclusive list of artists that may be included in the sale of the Tetler's.

Three ways to sell art at Tetler's

  • Timed auction: where the buyer can bid higher or lower on the lot.
  • Fixed price - without bidding.
  • Private auction - we offer the option of private sale and Private auction

Add artwork for sale

Sellers independently post work at an auction, track transaction results, determine winners and close transactions.

Receive secure payment

Our company securely concludes a deal for sale, which allows both the buyer and the sender to remain anonymous.